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    lovewithdiamonds on #794

    Why is it that the Sex Forum has so few topics and posts?

    are the users of VTK too shy to talk about sex…? Are we not exhibitionists? Are we perhaps…..conventional? Do we not wish to share our sexual fantasies/histories/experiences?

    Before someone tells me to share mine first…then they’ll share theirs….I’ve been a lot more of an exhibitionist on this site than most….

    So someone humour me and get some sexual conversations/debates going…

    I enjoyed the socks poll, and I enjoyed the little discussion we had on swapping parts…

    I’ll share my fantasies once I get some incentive….

    Dont be shy boys and girls… 😈

    necromancerza on #6159

    I`m just not getting any .. and yes .. it is YOUR fault. 😉

    lovewithdiamonds on #6160

    it’s my fault that you chased a girl off by telling her you were an apprentice plumber?

    A fuckable girl, at that…? (Vacant stare = fuckable) Did your friends not teach you anything?

    insidedistuo on #6161

    I agree LWD… this site definatly needs more in the sex forums.. I am pretty sure we are all exibitionists here.. and sunrava has been promising a story FOREVER….. *hint, hint) 😈
    I will look in my goodie box, and see what I can find… heehee.
    IO 😉

    maestro on #6162

    @necromancerza wrote:

    I`m just not getting any .. and yes .. it is YOUR fault. 😉

    Which is exactly why it sucks to go out with female friends, but they don’t understand 😉

    vincent_the_red on #6163

    Though I would simply love to share with all of you my sexual exploits, I sadly have had none to speak of in over a year (I know, unbearable to some of you, myself included), and I doubt that any of you would want to hear me whining and complaining of my lack of a sex life on a daily basis, since that’s all that seems to fill my mind these days. This is also a reason why I don’t post much in the forums much these days, (as some of you have commented on) as I would rather not be an annoyance.

    I’m sure Necro is having a heart attack just thinking of what it would be like to not get any for over a year… 😆

    In any case, this is my rant for a while, unless someone else happens to inspire me to do so again on another topic. 😈

    insidedistuo on #6164

    I know you have fantasies…. 😈 everyone does… no problem talking about those… lol dosent have to be past tense.. why not talk about desires for the future in great detail??? there must be a few dirty thoughts running through that mind of yours… heh…
    come on , shock us…. 8)

    sunrava on #6165

    Alright let me just get the ball rolling. My number 2 sexual fantasy is to screw a nun. Sorry if that offends anyone but heresy and blasphemy are kinda fun for me. Lets see Ive done it in a church (no it wasnt an abandoned one), in the congregational hall of a church during service with the preachers daughter, a car on the side of the road with a big girl, in a hot tub, in a sauna (that didnt last long).

    Sorry kinda got off track there. Anyway, thats my input so far. For the waiting I have 2 stories working their way through my brain. Just need some time where I can get relazed and worked up at the same time. Which is kinda hard to do when your single.

    insidedistuo on #6166

    I have quite a few fantisies.. but I’ll atart with an tame one..
    I have always fantasized about having 2 guys at the same time.. but not just any two guys, brothers… perhaps getting caught being with one by the other….. who threatens to tell on us if hes not included… 😈
    wouldnt hurt if they were twins either… heehee..
    on the same token it could work with a brother and sister… lol.

    And of course what girl dosent have the taken fantasy?? being dominated and made to do dirty things against my will… 8) mmm.thats fun…. is it still a fantasy if it happens??
    hmmm. ok.. thats a bit for now… who’s next??? 😉

    lovewithdiamonds on #6167

    One of my fantasies…

    being a school girl all over again….and being taught discipline by the headmaster…and all the other male teachers….

    sunrava on #6168

    Alright LWD… You can be my neighbor if I can be one of your teachers.

    lovewithdiamonds on #6169

    you could even be the headmaster..

    if you asked very nicely…

    lovewithdiamonds on #6170

    once again…

    the sex forum is silent..

    what’s going on people?

    Is no one getting ANY??

    maestro on #6171

    Talking about sex is so less desirable than having it.

    maestro on #6172

    Besides, we won’t give out all the elite tricks to everyone.
    Spoils the uniqueness.

    No idea why the sex forum is more silent than the rest, or if it is at all, compared to the bdsm forum it’s a well of liveliness.

    lovewithdiamonds on #6173

    while talking about sex can never be as entertaining as having it….it’s pretty much all we ever talk about varsity, so i’m kind of used to it – hence why I was disappointed that the discussion here is very….limited….

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