Scream, Star Wars, The Excorcist, Alien – in 30 seconds

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        maestro on #418

        We already plugged “The Excorcist in 30 seconds” in another post some time ago, but have considerably enlarged their collection of bunny reenacted movie summary clips :

        Now you can evade those “have you seen…?” questions by simply checking out the short versions of

        Pulp Fiction
        Freddy vs Jason
        The Rocky Horror Picture Show
        The War Of The Worlds
        and countless others on their website

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        sunrava on #3855

        Well its nice to know that now I can get the gist of movies I really dont care to see, like titanic, in 30 seconds, hehe. And their summaries of movies I like makes me realize just how silly some of them are at 2 hours in length.


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        necromancerza on #3856

        This just reminds me why bunnies should not be allowed to act !
        Anyone for rabbit stew?
        Like their breeding habits though 8)

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        lady_demornay on #3857

        @necromancerza wrote:

        Like their breeding habits though 8)

        😈 That makes two…. *wicked grin*

        Hey I happen to like Titanic… partly because I appreciate the clothing, and partly because I am fascinated with tragedy on such a grand scale.

        Thank you, M, for that post…I have not been back there in ages and had forgotten it existed. My memory is stellar like that. LOL Those 30 second movies remind me that I should not get into acting when bunnies that cannot act do a better job of it than myself… well, except for those movies that are like their breeding habits… 8) That doesn’t take much acting, tho.

        Mmmm I love rabbit stew, it’s nearly as yummy as squirrel…

        Or snake. 😈

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        navre on #3858

        If you take the red pill you go down the rabbit hole and alice gets to find out whats on the ohter side of the looking glass,…..take the blue pill you’ll go to sleep, and wake up in your bed, with nothing more than a memory of a really realy feg’d up dream… alice…. 😈 whats your favorite color?

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        necromancerza on #3859

        so alice…. Twisted Evil whats your favorite color?

        … take both and call me in the morning πŸ˜‰

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        lady_demornay on #3860

        @necromancerza wrote:

        … take both and call me in the morning πŸ˜‰

        Alice may not remember your number in the morning after taking both … 😈

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        navre on #3861

        take two and call me in the morning?…..there was no purple option……lest not as far i remember…..”shrugs” oh well damn ppl always think they can just what ever they want and to hell with guidlines huh …..:P bastages!!

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        necromancerza on #3862

        damn ppl always think they can just what ever they want and to hell with guidlines huh ….. bastages!!


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        amakudaru on #3863

        bunnies…. yummy… haven’t tried squirrel or snake yet, though….
        😈 gotta find a squirrel and use it to bait a snake…. then eat ’em both… hehehe…

        git in mah belly!!!

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