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    viscious-vixen on #1277

    I feel like saying “Return of the Great White Dope” but no.

    Hmm… I don’t know if I have actually put one of these up, if I haven’t then let this be my first.

    I’m not new, but I’ve been so inactive, I’m quite sure the ATO believes I’m dead.

    So what do I say?

    I’ll start with the norm.

    22, female, Australia.
    Goth by inclination, and fairly well-read and written. I’m a closet furry, a facebook freak, and something of a legend in my city. (Amongst the youth of my community, and also, reluctantly, well known amongst the older crowd…)

    I like to be quiet, weird sense of humor ( I am Australian. Repeated for all the puns there), and I have been described as fairly wise for my age. Apparently I don’t look 22, as a friend of mine was asked if he had let in an under-age at a pub. *grumbles*
    I like my BDSM, being known in my community, and liked ( well-liked means you please everyone. I don’t do that. )

    Aside from that… EH.

    Hello to one and all, any questions… Just ask.

    ~ Kitty C

    maestro on #8218

    @viscious-vixen wrote:

    22, female, Australia.

    Tits or GTFO

    Nice to have you back 😉

    viscious-vixen on #8219

    O RLY? 😯

    No tits 4 U.
    STFU, 🙄

    *grins* Good to be back, now I get to annoy you even more.


    necromancerza on #8220

    viscious-vixen on #8221

    Good to see you too Necro 😈

    Didn’t think I’d see you here again.

    Do you know where you stuffed the bodies of the girl scouts?
    I want my cookies damn it! ❗

    ~ Kitty C.

    necromancerza on #8222

    I cant remember … must be getting old .. what where we talking about again ? I cant seem to find my pills .. damn kids … 😆

    viscious-vixen on #8223

    You can borrow mine. I have plenty. *laughs*

    ~ Kitty C.

    insidedistuo on #8224

    I didnt get to talk to you very much when you were here before, but It’s nice to see you back again . 8)
    maybe this is a sign, the ” elders ” so to speak are coming back??
    but this proves my theory, noone really ever LEAVES here.. ….
    eventually they always come back!!

    viscious-vixen on #8225

    *waves* Hello IO, *laughs*. No, but we’ll change that. *grins*

    Ahh.. Now all we need is Nostro, V and Red to appear here and the Elders will be truly back.
    Maybe we could even get a couple of the others out as well? The thought makes me shiver with anticipation! *grins*

    Oh god, no. No one ever leaves. Maestro, our God, makes sure of that.
    I’ve always lurked now and then, to see how we all are. *grins*

    I feel so special.
    I’m an Elder. *gags* I’m not that old!

    ~ Kitty C.

    dark_child on #8226

    Welcome Back Vixen. We all crawl out of the wood work from time to time.

    navre on #8227

    Some of us arnt dead we just sneak in and out like ninja……

    maestro on #8228

    @viscious-vixen wrote:

    Maestro, our God, makes sure of that.

    I’m flattered, but a large part of that honour goes to the explosives around your necks 😉

    That ninja thing is cool, unfortunately it also affects new members, who sneak out as stealthily as you guys enter. Which is why i’ll mine the new VTK.

    navre on #8229

    Mines only work if you step on them… and they tend to be on the ground… ninjas tend not to walk on the ground…unless you pull some dirty shyt like hang them in trees….. and the NEW VTK… are you implying that this VTK is about to implode giving birthto a new VTK, which no doubt had to crawl kicking and screaming through the charred, blood crusted afterbirth that was the remains of the now preseant VTK… and if so when does this phoenix like resurection take place?

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