Resident Failure: Avon selling T-Virus to innocents


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    maestro on #1267

    You know around here we are expecting evil zaibatsus to take over the world every second, but this one might be real. Makeup producers Avon are the newest subsidiary of Resident Evil’s Umbrella Corporation

    Super concentrated serum.** 3x the level of injectable-grade hyaluronic acid for dramatic filling & plumping.*** In just 3 days, begins to reduce the look of deep folds. In 2 weeks, 82% of women saw more youthful fullness in the cheek area.**** In 4 weeks, dramatically reduces the look of deep facial folds and hollowness.

    Yeah, like noone of us knows just how good that “concentrated serum” thing worked out the last time. Watch out for your mature fuckfriends to turn into even more evil zombies than they are now! AVON is not even trying to conceal the fact that they’re selling the T-Virus to women with an age problem, which might soon make it your problem

    Hit the jump for the videos

    maestro on #8186

    maestro on #8187

    We all knew zombies like to comment stuff on the internet but i’m astonished avon’s product review site has not a single person mentioning those staggering similarities.

    maestro on #8188

    Or you could just buy the “certified and original” movie prop virus vial for a meager four thousand dollars on eBay

    One could have taken the time to fix it with some glue, though

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