Refurbishments Underway

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        maestro on #1236

        Some time in the next two weeks we’re planning to probably overhaul parts of the website. As with any work related to ripping cables out of walls and fat arsed plumbers kneeling in your kitchen, there could be some disturbances in your VTK experience.

        This does however not mean that you can kiss your dribbles goodbye – we have a ton of backups up to this point – but when you fiddle with databases data loss might occur.

        Due to the staggering levels of activity lately it is our guess that most of you won’t even notice anything until the whole thing is over, but we’d still like you to refrain from sending any time-sensitive things (marriage proposals, declarations or war, “i’m stuck in an egyptian pyramid please get me out of here!”-messages) over our systems and not totally freak out if one of your posts might vanish from the face of the earth for totally inexplicable reasons. Aliens were probably not involved.

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        insidedistuo on #8116

        LOL> yes I would like to post a complaint!!! I could not post any sexy goth pics at this time….. perhaps I deserve a refund??? I will just take my 40,000,000 donation back !
        thank you.

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