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        lovewithdiamonds on #780

        I have a huge assignment due tomorrow morning. It’s now Sunday…almost midday….and I’ve been putting this f*cker off for about 2 weeks now.

        I can’t seem to get myself motivated for it…

        And all my friends are going to Wine Week, dressing up as old folk and going to get smashed tonight….And I dont know if I’ll be able to go unless I finish this assignment….

        And even that is not impetus enough for me to get cracking on this bloody assignment!!!

        I’m so over Clinical Law – I hate it, I dont know why the hell I took it, it’s the biggest load of shit ever….such a badly organised course….and it does not bring out a good side in me…(Clinical Law is a course that’s basically has students working in the Legal Aid offices – we have to interview clients, draft legal documents, do all the shitty work…But it also has a ‘pseudo-academic’ component – where they ‘teach’ us about things like Impact Litigation and Media Advocacy…. )

        I know this rant probably wont mean anything to anyone… but I need to get this off my chest…. I think my contempt of this course is pretty apparent…

        If anyone has some inspirational words for me? Lol…
        I’d appreciate someone kicking my ass into gear so I can stop procrastinating…

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        sunrava on #6103

        Just give me a couple of hours my dear LWD and I will have an inspiring story that I owe you ready. Dont know if it will inspire you to work on your assignment or not, but hey. 😈

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        insidedistuo on #6104

        Well LWD,
        I am writing this as the self appointed “Queen of Procrastination” :P. I have put off 26 page papers till the last second.. lol. So I totally relate…
        and while I rationally know this is not in my best interest.. I can’t seem to help it.. watching spongebob squarepants was more important at the time…. πŸ˜‰ .
        Perhaps you can do as I do…. and daydream of all the extra money you will have when you get a better job or whatnot?
        Or I promise myself something REALLY naughty when I’m through with whatever distasteful thing I am doing against my will…. 😈
        I’m sure this wont help as much as Sunrava’s story.. heh… but concerning getting the paper done… … maybe?? πŸ˜†

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        maestro on #6105

        Well, the guy who’s ID is two years over the expiry date surely won’t start to get you moving

        Anyway, it’s also better to post about procrastination than going on to work on the three picture galleries and 3300 festival photos that can safely proceed flying around on my computer instead of sitting on that ugly, cold and lonely webserver…

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        necromancerza on #6106

        Done …..

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        lovewithdiamonds on #6107

        well i did the piece of shite assignment…..took me like 9 hours….and i didn’t feel any sense of accomplishment thereafter…

        how much does that suck?

        but thanks for everyone’s replies…..made me feel a little better…

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