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        thesunsetter on #997

        This is pretty damn funny. ..

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        necromancerza on #7361

        Well done πŸ˜†

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        thesunsetter on #7362

        The guests on it were told it was a serious thing and had no idea they were talking crap until it was first shown I believe. The bit when they show an actual crab and then talk about it having sex with kids and the guy actually believing it is genius…

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        coldblood on #7363

        That is wonderful.

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        robc666 on #7364

        I remember seeing that when it first came on TV, there were thousands of complaints about it, saying it’s wrong to take the piss out of something so serious.
        Those arseholes that complained about are the same kind of fuckwits that leer at the inhuman monsters before going up and kicking the shit out of their wives and kids.

        That show was the funiest thing i’ve seen on TV ever, and bolloks i say to all the hypocrite wankers that commit all the horrible acts safley behind closed doors!

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