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    insidedistuo on #1160

    Well, I know a lot has been said recently about VTK and how noone is on, the site must not be good, ect… ect…
    but I would like to take this moment to say something about that..
    I have noticed only a few of the older members on ..which I know means they have taken a break , but will come back.. ( they almost always do …lol)
    and a bit of new members on at various times…
    quite often, I log on and see someone in chat… but realise they are not there anymore.. that really sucks.. we often miss each other for many reasons I am sure.. time diferences, schedules, ect..
    but I have been crawling the web looking at various sites and have joined some and honestly I have not seen any site that has people like the ones that are here. I stumbled across this site like many others and have been here something like 4 years????
    I have not come across a site yet where I feel as welcome as I did here ( and still do ) 🙂
    I joined a site recently that I really wanted to be a part of …. but for some reason the connection isnt there … * sigh… so I lurk there ..LOL
    and when I want a real connection I come here ..
    and thats my 2 cents.. LOL

    necromancerza on #7924

    yups you are part of the furniture 😉

    Don’t distress .. I have a plan .. and it involves those rocket penguins M likes so much.

    navre on #7925

    don’t forget the ninja’s….. you may see them but rest assured they see you

    maestro on #7926

    Ok, for the sake of getting more people here i WILL post more half nude chicks in the next months, promise.

    insidedistuo on #7927

    I know I get something on my mind and have to get all girly about it.. 😕
    but yea… half naked chicks might do the trick !! LOL

    necromancerza on #7928

    Can I choose which half is to be naked ? 😛

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