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    opusvampire on #562

    Lo que eres hermosa,que qeda dudas,tus fotos son geniales,por pareser tan genuinas

    necromancerza on #4939

    No entienda. Por favor elaborado 🙂

    mybloodymartianluv on #4940

    Saludos a todos los miembros de VTK de habla espanola.
    Si necesitan ayuda con las traducciones, estoy dispuesta a ayudarles…
    Hola Opusvampirus ! no creo que nadie sabe de que hablas, a pesar de que
    evidentemente, algunos hablan en espanol.Porfavor trata de nuevo.
    Creo que enviaste una respuesta al foro , cuando realmente era un
    mensaje personal.Le pasa a todos .

    Greetings to all VTK spanish speaking members.
    Should anyone need help with with traductions from the
    spanish language, I am eager to help.
    Hello Opusvampirus ! I don’t think anybody knows what you were
    talking about, although evidently, there are some spanish speaking
    people. Please, try again.I think you posted a personal message in
    the forum. Happens to all.

    necromancerza on #4941

    Let`s try and refrain form Spanish in the English forum … 😉
    This thing here might get it wrong and then mass confusion will reign. 😈

    mybloodymartianluv on #4942

    I know what you mean, I have read things as translated by that same “thing”.
    And it is way evil, I wonder who in hell made the “The Twilight Zone’s
    translation service”. Nothing ever makes sense… Mmm, although mass hysteria
    sounds good to me. 😈

    navre on #4943

    some of us understood just fine with out translation, we being the arse holes we can some times be just didnt give to shyts to respond in any language….mwaaahaahaaaaaaa

    mybloodymartianluv on #4944

    Bratty boys, are
    one delightful afternoon bite, And vampire poets, midnight caps, of blood and wine. Oh my, I fear, I won’t enjoy, ye or them, Mmm everyways. Oh my dear,
    but arse holes, I deal with, everyday… 😈 😉

    lovewithdiamonds on #4945

    Hmmmmm…. was just wonderigng how hot/sexy a guy would have to be to justift overlooking the fact that he’s an asshole – guys do it all the time…. Incredibly hot women that are also incredibly stupid?

    ashiri on #4946

    yes please can we keep it in english? if not i just might have to go japanese on all of you. 😉 😈

    mybloodymartianluv on #4947

    Not because of any concensus. I have no intentions of posting in spanish,
    for any other reason, than the one I had, at that particular moment.
    Some of you, speak german too, I don’t think I’d have any problems.
    It was just a colorful way , to present a post. Me, I prefer english, for creative

    lovewithdiamonds on #4948

    the most i can offer is a few posts in Afrikaans…Can do some Zulu and a little French….but that’s about it….

    robc666 on #4949

    all i can do is english. I’m kind of stupid but i do try, you have to give me credit for that.
    And for the sake of argument, i’d rather sleep with a woman that had brains and personality, than a girl with good looks and no brains.

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