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    viscious-vixen on #574

    For the happy chappies who don’t know a re-make of the classic ‘The Omen’ has been re-made and is being released 6/06/06. Welcome the beast!

    It’s worth mentioning and shameless plugging!

    It even caused a stir What A Banner!

    necromancerza on #4979

    I`d like to see a trailer …
    And as for 06-06-06 … well, chat to you all on the 7th … maby 😈

    maestro on #4980

    She was alarmed enough to call the FBI.
    “I thought it might be terrorists,” she said.

    If someone needed another proof of why i won’t move to the .us, here it is

    necromancerza on #4981

    Anyone got any “end of the world” party`s planned for 06-06-06?

    belos on #4982

    Well….I DID stock up on Jiffy-Pop Popcorn 😈

    necromancerza on #4983

    I`ll have to get some more beers to watch the show.

    necromancerza on #4984

    Would it be pointless watching this movie on 06-06-06?
    Nah … maby it is the right day to do it…
    But this movie will lose it`s scare on 07-06-06 for sure.

    belos on #4985

    Depends on the Time Zone 😈

    necromancerza on #4986

    Depends on the Time Zone

    Ok .. the 08-06-06 than Belos 🙄
    Hmmm timezone … interisting .. Can anyone tell me which country/island/city is last in line? What I mean is, where on the world are the last fiew seconds of today before tomorrow begins …. ❓ 😕

    belos on #4987

    Well……with me being in the USA and EVEN WORSE…..Iowa,
    I’ll be the first to die


    insidedistuo on #4988

    Wish I would have seen this post earlier… 😈
    Belos, no worries… I have it on good authority that people who die in Iowa turn into flesh eating zombies, and never die…
    which suite you , I think.. !!! 😀
    I went to see the movie on 6/6/06 .. It was pretty good I thought. but the kid just wasnt as scary as the first one.. 😉
    but I did read an article saying his daughter was born on 6/7/03 and they were really sweating it hoping she wasnt born that day… lol
    too funny..

    robc666 on #4989

    the re-make is nowhere near as good as the original. Ask me why and i wouldnt be able to say, it’s just better, that’s all. I think i might be alergic to any kind of re-make, i’m of the belief that if it ain’t broken why fix it.

    necromancerza on #4990

    @necromancerza wrote:

    And as for 06-06-06 … well, chat to you all on the 7th … maby 😈

    Bloody hell … Thank you for reminding me. What a letdown that was 👿 Do you guys think our calender might be a fiew months or maby a year off? 😈

    robc666 on #4991

    I was looking forward to the world coming to an end.
    Take the millenium for example: Therer i was, maxed out credit card, drunk, waiting with eager anticapation for the world to grind to a terminal halt, and what happend? The bastard kept on turning!!!

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