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    insidedistuo on #1279

    Ok OK, ….. I know I will get crap over this… if it even gets posted .. 😛 but the new moon trailer has come out.
    and although I will admit most of the characters are cheesy… I have to say I am drawn in by this series.
    It might be that I am a sucker for a vamp love story… or I have issues from being 14 years old and the only one of my friends into vampires at all… but I can see the attraction !
    the new moon trailer is out, and this is a perfect example of what a budget can do for a movie…they have spent a LOT of money on the effects of this one compared to twilight… and except for the wolf not looking realistic enough they are doing ok.
    It is a very hot thing here, and with that said… here is the link.

    I think the book series is pretty good, not the way I would have written it … but …LOL


    coldblood on #8236

    I must admit, I’ve read the books. They’re not my favorite but I’m always curious about the differences in the way people portray vampires. The new moon trailer does look like they actually spent money on effects, not that it’s too hard to do better than the first one.

    I’ll mostly likely pass though and go back to reading my Southern Vampire Mysteries. I really hope they make the second season of True Blood, and sooner rather than later. 😀

    insidedistuo on #8237

    thanks M for posting that… I obviously always post the wrong link, I was not secretly promoting stephanie myers… I promise!! 😳
    and cold blood I am not familiar with the series you were talking about, I will have to look it up if you reccomend it.

    I have seen some of true blood, and it is good. I have some friends who “gasp” that I even watched twilight… and others who really liked it. I guess it comes down to personal taste.. LOL

    viscious-vixen on #8238


    *walks away*

    coldblood on #8239

    I do do recommend that series. Its the southern vampire mysteries, their also collectively known as the Sookie Stackhouse novels. Any way the first one is called Dead Until Dark and they are by Charlaine Harris.

    withdrawalfx on #8240

    please no… not here too! 😡

    viscious-vixen on #8241

    Apparently so….

    -.- 😈

    There is validity in the post… but *barely*.


    ~ Kitty C.

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