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    navre on #973

    The Troops have been muster’d, Amassed before you stand the black clad storm troopers of the VTK poised to strike at the very heart of what is MYSPACE. At the behest of our most generious Lord Marshall Maestro ” M ” My self and the others have for months now been making preperations to invade. well folks the time is NOW, the hour at hand march forth, Drive before you the fluffy, the pink, and the sickly happy yellow. Let nothing stand in our way as we march forth scorching the net with Black and silver, and a splash of red.

    Ok so now that that is over there is now a new group on myspace for vtk users who want to view and or post their profiles there. in order to falicitate what ever it is we do. Keeping in mind that the VTK forum will always be the default place to post topics and chat this mearly allows us to reach out to each other in a more inter-personal way, it is all volenteer so that means you dont have to participate but remember participation drives VTK. and every one congradulate INSd. as the only member to post fan art this picture

    has been choosen as the group photo should any of you come up with something better please feel free to submit and we shall see… keep in mind tho that myspace is rated PG so make them appropiate…that is all….

    the group site can be found here

    withdrawalfx on #7251

    joined, my SN is Knightmare on there, in case anyone is wondering 8)

    insidedistuo on #7252

    well, it’s about time we invaded …lol
    I will join for sure and I am really honored my artwork was chosen for the site…;)
    go VTK…. 😆

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