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    maestro on #892

    Black toilet paper:


    coldblood on #6839

    Has anyone actually bought that??

    That is just…… so incredibly, stupid, and rather lame.

    sunrava on #6840

    Does make me wonder, though. What is its level of effectiveness? Does it compare to Charmin, or Angel Soft? Is it a double roll? Does it come in 12 packs and 24 for the busy household?

    thesunsetter on #6841

    I thought twas white for a reason…

    necromancerza on #6842

    I usually wipe till it is clean .. damn
    How the hell do you know if it is clean if you wipe with black paper?
    10 wipes and hope for the best? 😯
    It is white for a reason !!!
    Imagine the confusion if they make chocolate brown ones 🙄

    insidedistuo on #6843

    I think this goes to show just because something is black people equate it to goth….
    too funy… 😛

    maestro on #6844

    @insidedistuo wrote:

    I think this goes to show just because something is black people equate it to goth….
    too funy… 😛

    Oh please..

    sunrava on #6845

    Wait, MC Hammer isnt Goth? My whole being is shattered, nooooo. ROFL, good point M.

    txredblood on #6846

    wow , I had no idea hammer is goth

    redragon on #6847

    Exacly how pathetic can people get?

    Nevermind… Don’t answer that!

    robc666 on #6848

    Hammer isnt goth but Eddie Murphy is.

    maestro on #6849

    Well, this one is actually ok.

    You smell that? Do you smell that? Napalm, son. Nothing else in the world smells like that. I love the smell of napalm in the morning.

    Camouflage Toilet Paper imported from Germany. $5.95 a roll.

    necromancerza on #6850

    Here in South Africa we do things a bit different .. here are two of my favorites 😛

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