Mom Finds Lost Son On The Internet, Rapes Him

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        In today’s instance of Maestro’s WTF parade, 35 year old Aimee Louise Sword of Waterford Township near Detroit (wherever the fuck Detroit is) allegedly received the “Mother the the Year” award found her biological son (whom she put up for adoption ten years ago) on the internet, met up with him and consequentially raped him.

        While i’m no clinical psychiatrist, i think you can safely say her state of mind is at least as confused as that of all those chicks who keep proposing to me. (Read: she’s batshit insane)

        “I don’t think I’ve heard of another case like this in my career,” said Dr. Gerald Shiener, chief of Consultation and Liaison Psychiatry at Sinai Grace Hospital in Detroit. “Our first reaction to hearing about something like this is that this is every man’s nightmare. It’s an abomination,” he told MyFOXDetroit. “I’m at a loss for words because it’s something that we consider to be so out of the normal, so prohibited in every culture that it unnerves every man just to think about it.”

        Now, i think we all agree that the only way this could be worse for the little fellow would be the whole internet quipping about how hot she is.

        [Fauxnews] via [TheWierdStuff]

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