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        viscious-vixen on #645

        It’s one of those days. You’re a student at some random school. You’re the ex-girlfriend of so many boys and men you can’t keep a track of them and your body is giving in on you….. You’re complaining to someone who obviously seems to care.. who’s the only one in the world who cares….

        And suddenly they turn around one day and say “Yes.. Well, the next girl your ex has will get everything that the others didn’t because he will know the true treasure she is.” It knocks you on your arse. You realise you’ve done horrible things and you hare losing the respect, interest and friendship of your friend. You race around like a headless chicken. You try and gain her frienship back but she’s being distant and you realise… you suddenly see that people have this perception of you that is wrong. You don’t know how it happened, or why but you want to fix it….

        I know this happens.

        You’re in a world where nothing can go wrong, you’re everyone’s friend and they all love you. But you don’t realise you’re being selfish. And suddenly you’re being snidely remarked about, you’re the town bike, you’re a worthless student and nothing seems to be going right. You’re body gets sick, you can’t eat correctly and suddenly your confidence is being blown by the fact that the one guy you wanted turns to you and says “Sorry I just want to be friends”… the EXACT line you used on a guy not two days ago… How dare he!

        Darling, it’s time to wake up and learn that your time of having fun is over. You’re classified as the bitch who goes through men like water through a seiv. Problem here is, you just stole a few decent guys and turned them into “untouchables”… Why? Because of your “Date/fuck/dump” habits, no one can quite know for sure if you haven’t given the guy somthing horribly nasty and no one’s game enough to sleep with them for the next six months incase you’ve got Chlymidia, Herpes or “Clap,Clap for the Handicap”…. Get my drift?

        I told you nicely… very nicely… Considering the very male I was discussing with you, who would treat the next female better, was behind me watching me type; that you “Just happened to enjoy sex, which shows you’re not concerned with social views of sex and females…” And no. I did not mean it in the liberating way. I was calling you a slut. Pure and Simple. Now what did you do to earn this illustrious title? Unfortunately, while you did try and cover your tracks. You seem to have forgotten TWO basic rules of having sex and being free.

        One : If you’re going to fuck alot of males… Make sure you DO NOT involve yourself with them UNLESS it’s strictly numbered as sex-only. If it’s numbered as having potential then don’t bloody bother going to another male. This is called “Running” and is known as a trade-mark of a slut.

        Two : If you put yourself into a relationship, give it longer than two freak’in days! This another sign of a retail slut. Someone who fucks, decides the male isn’t good enough without giving them a chance and dumps them citing the old tale “I just want to be friends/I have enough going on around me or in my head without wanting to hurt you… ETC”. Dumb bitch….

        The only cure for people like you is to have you removed from the gene pool… Either by sterilisation. Which I want to perform myself on you. Or have you realise – hopefully in time – that you’re wasting your time trying to impress so many men with your sexual prowess. If you want ot impress them then DON’T BE EASY. Easy bitches like yourself a merely passing trends, fads when the male gets desperate enough to have sex with you. You’ll find if you back off from having sex with so many passing-by boyfriends and actually stick to one, that you will grow up, your sexual experience with him will give you the ability to actually learn, to figure out your own body and to know what you like. THEN you can go out and chase them when you’re single.

        I speak from experience. Hence the reason I’m not considered a slut. I’m considered a Nympho… Why?

        One : I stick to the one male. Who, currently, is my boyfriend of about three months. Yeah. THREE MONTHS. Oh my god. How can I stand sleeping with the same male more than once? Simply because I enjoy his company, his wit, his caring nature and I appreciate him as a person.

        Two : I can control my sexual drive. While it’s a complete bitch I’d rather not deal with, I have to. There’s nothing like dealing with a male whos sex-drive is low and exhausting him before you are even close…. Why doesn’t this seem to relate to the subject at hand? Well, here’s the clarification. CONTROL YOUR DRIVE. It’s NOT that fucking HARD. And it teaches you alittle bit about your body and how to discipline it.

        Three : I’m selective. I don’t just jump anything that fucking walks. If I did, by now I would have as many diseases as you and probably then some. Fortunately, I don’t and probably never will. I look at the person, test them, see if they’re worth the effort and THEN dive in. Unlike you, who seems attracted to anything that shows the least bit of attention. Two peopl come to mind when I think of this Piranah and Dragon… but we won’t go there.

        I think the most important bit here is….

        Fucking learn bitch. How hard is it to close your legs, learn some self-respect and finally just grow THE FUCK UP? You’re eighteen. It’s not that hard. If I can, so can you!

        Jesus… If everyone was like you, I’d kill you all for some peace and quiet. O.o;;

        Love Is A Gross Exaggeration Of Lust… You Don’t Count. V.V

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        redragon on #5348


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        sunrava on #5349

        As I am subjected to rap every night at work a line from a song comes to mind….

        Someone has “lit a fire up under your ass”, very well put, and thank you for saying what has needed to be said for a long time.

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        navre on #5350

        my curisosity is not but in the truth she speaks ….but in the secrects she keeps as i enjoy stock piling them …… wonders just how big of a bribe one whould have to ffer in order to pry loose a name from the lips that speak this modern adaptation of acient wisdom

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        viscious-vixen on #5351

        You can bride away my dear Navre…. Neither time nor you will pry them from me. When an oath is given, it is respected as a Warrior must do. Duty calls… *Smiles*

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        necromancerza on #5352

        When an oath is given, it is respected as a Warrior must do

        But when the trust is broken and all truth lay before you, you will realise that
        the oath is broken and the pact void.

        I have a different approach πŸ™‚
        A secret means somewhere along the line, someone else is getting the short and of the stick.
        I conclude : secret = Deceit – Deceit is to me the worst thing of all.

        But Vix … we WILL have you in your entirety πŸ˜‰
        You have been ascimilated Vix 😈

      • Keymaster
        viscious-vixen on #5353

        Perhaps…. Very well.

        I would love to see you have me entirely. It just won’t work.

        Assimilated? Darl, I was here before you were. *winks*

        Hmm… With the short end of the stick, that would be me. Keeping those secrets as I do.

        – V

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        necromancerza on #5354

        Assimilated? Darl, I was here before you were. *winks*

        😯 ❓

        Well now .. it is time fore some missquotes πŸ˜‰ …. let me see.
        Muhahahaha ……

        Vix wrote:

        Very well

        have me entirely




        Now you`re talking Vix πŸ˜‰

      • Keymaster
        viscious-vixen on #5355

        Four years in the reply… But well misquoted. *chuckles*

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        necromancerza on #5356

        Where do there years go .. and what is their rush πŸ™

      • Keymaster
        viscious-vixen on #5357

        Time stands immortal here. I’m firmly convinced on this fact.

        We just have to stop the DURATION of time.

        ~ Kitty C.

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        necromancerza on #5358

        Every atom in the universe would have to become electronically neutral thus rendering all devoid of electromagnetism. Or should everything reverse its polarity?

      • Keymaster
        viscious-vixen on #5359

        Neither would work. Because the Atoms are the physical aspect of Time, of Space and existence… I’m prosposing to stop the untouchable.

        Halt the Duration of time. Which isn’t stopping the Atoms.. it’s Stopping Time entirely. 😈

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        necromancerza on #5360

        Only thru the destruction of everything can we truly stop time … I’m in .. Where do I sign?

      • Keymaster
        viscious-vixen on #5361

        In performing the destruction of time.. we’d have to destroy time… and that means… We’re going to be GODS.

        *hands over slip* Sign here… and here… and here… and here… and here…. and here….

        And make sure you have no children. They won’t survive you anyway.


        ~ Kitty C.

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