How we came to know hell ….

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        necromancerza on #1328

        Holy shit, I was going to compose a whole history of my people using some internet refrance, but apparently most of the information is 404. Which just strengthens my unfortunate tale.

        Bartholomeu Dias, also called Bartholomew Diaz, was a Portuguese navigator whose discovery in 1488 of the Cape of Good Hope showed Europeans there was a feasible route to India around the storm-driven southern tip of Africa.

        right … now we know where it s …

        After wards … in about 1652 it was colonized, mixture .. probably 70% Dutch , 20% German, and some French and other mixes.

        It happened in the Cape (of good hope ) or lost hope .. first.
        Once again …. well done world .. there is almost no info on it, It seems to be covered up with wildlife crap and that hatefull mountain.
        brb … need lube …
        K so …

        England set their sights on the cape … it was afteerall a very lucrative port for trade …
        Oh wait , I almost forgot, We met the Khoisan in the cape, Very nice back then, Probably one of the best African peoples. Now that said. Some stayed in the cape .. (mostly Netherlanders) and the rest of my folk trekked inland.

        Natal … My birth province …. now this is where w first encountered the Zulu’s .
        They had a leader . called Dingane (shaka zullu’s murdering borther .. herd of him?)
        He invited us into his camp with open arms. Oh w8, we where to leave the boomsticks outside … (+-1836) yes, very evolved….
        Anyway, We just wanted a land to settle in Natal and live in peace. But The Zulu king had other plans. He agreed to give us a bit of land. But when all the guys where drunk and peacefull , he shouthed Bulalani abathakathi (maak dood die wit towenaaar) … kill the white magicians. And they did.

        After the men where murdered … defenseless .. the woman, children and elderly which where waiting for the men to return … where butchered. ( Tales tell of babies heads being hit open against our wagon wheal by the attacking force… as always from them .. no mercy)

        Fucking outrage! My people are not a bunch of pussies … So effectively we told England to go get fucked … And “enslaved” (more keeping them from killing each other tribaly than anything else) the majority butchering “wildife” But England still wanted the trade route.

        So came the Anglo-Boer war ….
        The English could not eat us , so they put our woman children and elderly in camps … (sound familiar?)

        “Some 27927 Boer civilians, mostly women and children, died as epidemics of measles and typhus raged through these camps during 1901. …. forgotten all the barbarities committed in our own country during the South African [Boer] War”

        Well said Englishman. Oh BTW .. Thats alot more than Mr Adolf ever did to those whining jews … percentage wise … there where not that may of us at that time. its like a 70% kill rate. Well done England … you are awesome…. Fagots. Cant kill the men so the woman and children are next? … If they fought with honor this would not have been …. Got ahead of myself.

        So Teh Engrish made us a colony, The we became a republic … For so many years we have kept Kaffers from fucking shit up. but thanks to sanksies .. but almost every country in the world .. except japan … xxxx u guys … we had to concede and hand over our “APARTHEID” government ,

        Now the crux … I am 30 now guys …
        Since I have been 16 years old .. I have known this government. The policy was … For the “underprivileged” there will be 5 years of selection in such fronts as .. career …

        We accepted. I wanted to be a electrician … I have my n4 .. and worked in between … recap?

        1991 – 2001 = 10 years .. (more than double) I finished my studies in 2002 …

        To make a short story long … I was to white to ever be considered as a candidate.
        So basically my life would have been wasted like so many perfectly apt White South Africans. I have ever known equality , its a lie here. What happened is , we as a white people , forgotten by Europe, get to slowly watch the decay of our society . Infrastructure is breaking down … municipal services decline .. from a self supported country to a forced 3rd world by the rest of the “humane ” world ….

        Right, .. my conclusion …
        I was never born a racist, nor did my father raise me to be, we simply become, as no white person would rape an elderly woman multiple times and take the R10 that was in her wallet. And I dont follow soccer (football) (I watch Rugby) but i expet there to be rape murder and chaos 2010 .. I will be at home loling …

        So, to ALL the Kaffers ( Niggers) .. Enjoy your Aids …
        And can you Jew poesies stop complaining …. Kamp Auschwitz was a fucking holiday resort.

        For more information, dont contact me , the government probably killed me.
        *And well done for reading all of this)

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        necromancerza on #8294

        I thought this was very neatly compiled.

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