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    bleachedgothicrose on #1196

    Hello all, I am new here
    I am katrina 25 f usa
    I am looking for decent people to chat with..

    Umm not too sure whatelse to write, if you want just ask me questions

    necromancerza on #8037

    Hi there, welcome

    Maby something about yourself? likes? dislikes? music pref…

    maestro on #8038


    Sorry, don’t know what else to write either.

    insidedistuo on #8039

    ahhh. welcome .. Wis eh?? do you like cheese?? 😉 I for one could live with mac and cheese ( the meal of champions ) 😈 and diet coke on any deserted island
    with the random chicken ramen noodle thrown in of course… FOREVER!!!
    but ….. thats a topic for a later date..
    glad you joined us.. hope to see you on soon . 😉

    necromancerza on #8040

    IO !! go to the video store .. rent the movie ” Supersize me” and fear the big mac!
    I think I`ll have to give out some of my home recipes for braai meat and braai salads.

    Furthermore KFC kicks Mac’s ass! Mash and gravy .. hmmmmm …… 8)

    anubisdarkblade on #8041

    8) Welcome to this part of the Universe! Hope to hear more from you!

    insidedistuo on #8042

    LOL. yea kfc is awsome.. and I dont eat Mcdonalds, hardly ever . Thats about nasty .
    but Macaroni and cheese is my weakness ..lol m
    although the rest of the time , I do try to do the healthy thing .. 😉

    necromancerza on #8043

    Luckily in my country fastfood is considered luxury , so eating home made meals comes first.

    maestro on #8044

    Welcome to the site bleached.. Wiconsin? ouch… I feel for you 😉

    withdrawalfx on #8045

    welcome to the site

    and how the hell did this turn from a wolcoming thread to a discussion about fastfood joints?
    … only on VTK, I suppose 🙄

    dark_child on #8046

    Hello and Welcome. There is heaven on earth and it is called shushi!!!!!!

    maestro on #8047

    @withdrawalfx wrote:

    … only on VTK, I suppose 🙄

    Very rightly so, cause the world needs to know that Subway’s Chicken Teryaki is the pinnacle of food development. Actually i could run for years without eating anything else. Provided i do not run out of Honey Oat Bread, Mexican Southwest sauce, chillies and salt/pepper.

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