German Beard Championships

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        maestro on #633

        Sometimes my fellow germans can be a funny crowd

        If you think you’ve seen enough wierdness in goth clubs, where people want to buy your car just because it has E-BM as license plate and fits to their fake hair colour of the evening check out the german beard championships

        Especially the freestyle winner:


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        cyrus on #5297

        Thanks for the most wonderful pictures I’ve seen all day. I must say, these people have alot of time on their hands.

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        necromancerza on #5298

        Thats it! I`m hanging up my razor forever, moving to Germany and Entering this comp.
        (while drinking as much German beer as possable 🙂 )

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        maestro on #5299

        Y’know, even in germany you’ll be known as “that freak with the beard” and when you order a beer, they’ll say “YOU had enough”

        I wonder if that guy ever makes a ride in his car without beeing stopped by police at least five times on 100 metres

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        necromancerza on #5300

        and when you order a beer, they’ll say “YOU had enough”

        Sounds like they know me 😉

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