Does this count as shameless?


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    lovewithdiamonds on #545

    Some new pics here.

    sunrava on #4808

    Well you almost had shameless. Try a little harder and Im sure you will get it hehe.

    maestro on #4809

    Quite in the contrary, this is exactly what this forum was meant for 😀

    Why dont you finally get that lazy necromancerza guy to act as a photographer? 😉

    mybloodymartianluv on #4810

    Cool pics ! If there’s a site with lots of sexy people, it’s gotta be this one.
    I think I’m gonna start sending some invites, and perhaps finding courage,
    to take some pictures and send them too. Now that I have seen there’s
    artistic freedom, of all kinds, I am getting really excited. And yes,
    that IS a good thing. 😈

    maestro on #4811

    Do all of that to the greatest applicable extent 😀

    mybloodymartianluv on #4812

    Thank you very much, this night is definitely hot ! And I am having a lot of fun !
    Hm, so you like leather on redheads. Does that apply to redheads with neon red
    and purple streaks?

    maestro on #4813

    especially to those

    mybloodymartianluv on #4814

    I refreshed my streaks the day before yesterday, never knew that would bring
    the biggest evil smile to my face. Too bad I’m so far away…
    Oh, but I will dream… astral travel ?

    miyoko on #4815

    nope. not shameless. keep workin at it and you could be tho.. 😉

    navre on #4816

    Finally DWL a pic where we can kinda see that much talked about tattoo….what MR. De`vil still doesn’t get his close up….one must remedy this situation post haste… RFN even 😈

    maestro on #4817

    @mybloodymartianluv wrote:

    Oh, but I will dream… astral travel ?


    There’s an astral no-fly zone around the VTK fortress
    But if you stay nice i might grant an exemption 😉

    mybloodymartianluv on #4818

    Mmm, wonder what staying nice, is all about…Can somebody please,
    orient me ?
    Lost, but looking for directions…
    mybloodymartianluv 😈

    ashiri on #4819

    with a little more work i think you could be shameless. 😀

    maestro on #4820

    The level of niceness is inversely tied to the length of the skirt.

    lovewithdiamonds on #4821

    is that invariably or inversely?

    mybloodymartianluv on #4822

    Inversely. Thus the equation goes. 😈 😯

    robc666 on #4823

    Sweet jesus Love, you are one sexy lady…and a little shameless too 😯

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