Devabulator (or how my life became widgetized)


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    What i love almost as much as taking photos myself is admiring the work of others in my trade.
    So for the larger part of the last 4 years i’ve been scouring the endless supply of deviantART fetish photos, seeing unbelievable stuff and faving whatever inspired me. I was indeed quite confident that my collection included whatever fine art was out there and that i positively hunted down everything worth seeing.

    Today (after finishing my quest for Firefox addons and moving along to computer widgets) i installed Devabulator – a Yahoo Widget which rotates through deviations prefdefined by a set of parameters (category, popularity…) and displays them on your screen.

    I was shocked!
    In the last ten hours i had to add at least 20 new favourites! Devabulator really gives you the best of deviantART, without the need to dig through other people’s favourites or sift through the billions of crap pictures claiming “fetish” just for the sake of posting nude pics of grandma. I met new work of old heroes like Pelicanh, Photoport,or Darkmatterzone, but also glorious stuff from other photographers and models alike. Do give it a chance, it’ll really bring your deviantART experience to a new level!

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