concubines of the underworld?


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    sex_demon0590 on #1086

    I am new to satanism… I have a question. If you purchase someones soul, will that mean that they will be your bitch while your’e in hell? im sorry if it seams like a dumb question im drunk. If you have an answer, please e-mail me at [email protected]

    necromancerza on #7704

    If you believe in satan then you believe in god .. why choose the loosing side?
    Anyway , i’m athiest. Still can not get myself to believe in something greater than me that I have not seen … or anyone sane .. ever.

    How much are souls going for these days? .. or is it dependant on the person?
    They dont have it on ebay yet .. but the shipping would kill me.

    zek on #7705

    Why would anyone sell you there soul. 😆

    zek on #7706

    As for ebay it only a mattter of time lol

    insidedistuo on #7707

    hmm .yep wonder whst the going price is for a soul these days… I too dont believe in the whole devil / god thing..
    but nec ……if you are a an Athist how do you know satan is the losing side… ???
    that was a slip my friend… and I caught it !!!!
    yea me!!! 😆
    anyway, people finding this site and looking for a deeper meaning to something is pretty cool…
    lets start a religion thread …… lots of firey debate there I bet… LOL 😈

    navre on #7708

    you know before I even muddy the waters on this question it is In my most humble opion to establish weather or not he is a levian satanist… or a )) finger quotes here (( satanist… meaning devil worshiper… two hughly diffrent things. Then there is the fact that he said he was drunk while posting it…. making me wonder if he wasnt just trolling what he thought would be sites of kiddies playing house and all that nonsence… to badly quote buffy… I know why the devil didn’t show up. it was because you didn’t have enoung blood and arnt you supposed to be blaring heavy metal music or something…

    necromancerza on #7709

    @insidedistuo wrote:

    but nec ……if you are a an Athist how do you know satan is the losing side… ???


    Hehe sorry, was brought up in a family that believe god is winning.

    Please accept my apology satan … sorry man

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