christmas lighting..VTK style

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        maestro on #358

        We still have some days to go till christmas, why not spending them building something as useful as this 😀 :

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        customcorpse on #3541

        Awesome. A similar (though much cheaper) effect of syncing lights and music can be done with a lightening box which sell for $30- $100. We sell them at our store which also has all kinds of other great christmas gifts,like a home forensic modeling kit and a framed and moutned bat skeleton.

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        maestro on #3542

        does she ship in a set with them?

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        sunrava on #3543

        By all that is holy in happy land… That is the single coolest thing Ive seen other than one thing… but I digress…. Yeah Maestro I want your set, you know the one that comes with her. hehehehe

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        maestro on #3544

        maybe there will be a discount without the spider things

        after all, what does a blonde hooker cost these days? 😉

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        navre on #3545

        Normaly i would be some what kind and use manners but those who know me quite well know i can be a rude little fucker…so…GImmie! the house the light set up…oh and spider net thingies?….hey i want em both the and as far as with out the spider thingies….the only thing she should be wearing is well…..”No comment” ….just gimmie 😈 😈

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        lady_demornay on #3546

        Mmmm I cannot tell you how sweet that is, Maestro, and I’m jealous so I will have to send the other half of my private army to acquire it for me. 😉

        I’d rather have me a real goth chick in those gloves, and I’ve never been one for blonde hookers. They cost more than they’re worth. 8)

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        necromancerza on #3547

        I’ve never been one for blonde hookers.

        The hair colour has never bothered me when they assume the *cough* comfortable position
        ( wonder if she ever made it home 😈 )

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        lady_demornay on #3548

        @necromancerza wrote:

        The hair colour has never bothered me when they assume the *cough* comfortable position

        You should get some Robitussin for that cough… *grin*

        Which comfortable position would that be? Yoga? Hmmm…. oh I know! Downward Dog! That’s great for rejuvenating the body I hear…. 😈

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