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    thesunsetter on #655

    hello, well my band’s called Absinthe, we’re a gothic metal band based in Dumfries, we’re currently just starting up so we’re not that great, but hopefully over the dreaded course of time we might get better, anyways, i want to try create music that is really heavy but very melodic and almost enchanting at the same time, we’ll probably sound quite similar to Cradle of Filth as they;re my favorite band and all the other members are locked up in a suffocating dungeon thus getting no say in it lol, but i don’t want to sound like a cover band so the sound should still be our own too but along very similar lines to Cradle, we should be doing some Cradle covers and i was thinking perhaps an Emperor one, but asoon as we get stuff recorded i’ll get some audio clips up on the site, anyways here’s a link to the site if anyone’s interested Absinthe’s Abode the site was done by my best friend a Mr Draven Asiis so any comments would be greatly appreciated, there’s still some stuff to do to the site so it’ll progress as time goes on, and also the forum is a bit well dead so anyone who wants to bring some sort of life to it will be greatly appreciated, and also let me know what you think, last of all enjoy, and sin deep…

    vincent_the_red on #5411

    Welcome to the site, I hope you’ve enjoyed it thus far. I’m Vincent, one of the many residents here. If you’d ever like to chat or what not, you can usually find me in the chat room. If not, feel free to shoot me a PM. If Maestro hasn’t said it all ready, We hope you are willing to stay, and tell as many people as possibleas you can about the site.

    On a side note, Dani Filth is a pretty nice guy. He seems to like clove cigarettes, yet no one else in the band smokes… Either that, or they don’t take cigarettes from strangers.

    maestro on #5412

    Welcome to VTK dude 🙂

    I also wish you the most of fun here, don’t forget that You can embed sound files into a forums post, so when you got those tracks up don’t forget to post them to our forums via up there in the editor window 😀

    Your website looks great, one thing though, get it off of geocities, the advertising torrent creeps the hell out of people 😉

    Good luck with your stuff!

    thesunsetter on #5413

    thanks guys, Hell i love it here! and yeah! the ads annoy the Hell out of me, expecially now i’ve got the cjb.net redirector up even more of them have spawned! ohh Martin Fowl smokes, though he’s left now, also i know Dave Pybus wouldn’t say no…to ciggs that is lol, but Hell yeah Dani’s the man, anyways thanks again guys, this site/community rocks…

    maestro on #5414

    if you can live with no ads and a free top level domain redirection you can get a .tk domain name 😉

    It only costs money if you want DNS control and name rights

    thesunsetter on #5415

    sweet!!! thanks man, wow no ads *dreams*…

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