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    thesunsetter on #847

    Well I finally got a copy of my uncles band The Truth Rockets album, Abandon Sheeple, thought I’d try promote it abit. The Truth Rockets are a truth telling rock and roll band from Edinburgh comprising of;

    Kenny Haining *my uncle* – Guitar/vocals
    Greg Haddow – Bass/Vocals
    Steven Orr – Drums/vocals

    The band focuses on well telling the truth hidden from our eyes, on there site Here contains articles proving the truth, pictures, audio samples and more so please check them out, I’ll write a review of there album soon and try get it posted here, thanks everyone…

    insidedistuo on #6464

    I checked out the site … looks great.. and nice of you to promote your uncle… 🙂

    thesunsetter on #6465

    Sweet, thanks for checking it out IO. Well he was down and gave me a copy of the album so I thought to repay him I’d do abit of promoting hehe…

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