A new twist to the news?

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        insidedistuo on #747

        Well, heres a new idea for news…. what if the newscasters get naked?? Would that make you want to be more involved in world events?? Would you even hear it? 👿
        or would you develop some sort of news fetish where as soon as you turn on CNN
        you are instantly excited?? lol. 😯
        Give it a try… you might learn something… 😛 😉


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        vincent_the_red on #5897

        Naked News has been around for quite some time in Canada, and is easily accessible through Pay-Per-View. For all intents and purposes, it’s an average news show, except for the fact that all of the reporters and anchors are beautiful women, who strip as they speak.

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        maestro on #5898

        300+ digital satellite tv programs and all i ever saw was a naked dutch weather girl

        i think they can finally stop broadcasting offline television like, right now.

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