A fucked up life…..

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        insidedistuo on #811

        So wise people of VTK……
        what do you do when you understand 1/2 of your life is over?? lol. Most of you have no idea, you are not there yet …
        but age does matter .. like size i suppose.. 😈 ( yes, guys, sorry)
        when you realize you are not as young as you once were, or people think your friends are family… lol… nieces or kids..
        heh… everyone gets older but it isnt as obvious to the person just the ones around them ….
        LOL….. I love being here , and im not leaving… but i am feeling.. defeated and torn …
        so I guess hell. this is stroke my ego post…
        please tell me good things about me… lol or custructive critism is welcome too … 8)
        im facing some heavy stuff right now… and thats why i wrote this… i think… lol
        Hmmm. i hope I don’t sound like Xyler…. ( gods help me)
        please consider im on meds…… lol thanks.

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        lovewithdiamonds on #6259

        With those years comes wisdom, a sense of a humour and an ability to make others see things in a certain light…..

        I dont think I’d trade that in for anything….I think that’s important to have – and you seem to have an amazing sense of humour…

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        insidedistuo on #6260

        Well, as an afterthought to this sad post….
        at least I didnt do a do you like me or hate me poll…. LOL. 😛

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        lovewithdiamonds on #6261

        cheer up IO – things aren’t that bad…


        and anyway, i dont think anybody would vote that they hated you in your little ‘do you like/hate me poll’….

        I think you’d be surprised at the responses you’d get…

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        insidedistuo on #6262

        your words are very true,
        as with most things in life some things have to be given up to recieve better ones…
        I forget that sometimes.. 😉
        thanks ..

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        lovewithdiamonds on #6263

        I dont think it’s so much that one has to sacrifice something in order to receive something else…i think it’s more of a mutual relationship than what you describe..

        while oyu said you’ve realised that like half of you life is over…..what about the other half – what are you going to do with that? (the whole glass half-full or glass half empty cliche fits in somewhere here i think….)

        Stop thinking about what you dont have…and think about what you do…. 😀 😯

        All love,

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        necromancerza on #6264

        I`m sorry .. what was that? All I got was…..

        but age does matter .. like size

        but i am feeling

        stroke my

        heavy stuff right now.

        ( gods help me)

        . lol thanks.


        But on a more seriouse note .. You are a valuable VTK member and I`m sure I speak for everyone here that you have had contact with, that you are an awsome person. 😀
        Glad to got to know you myself.

        And it does not go unnoticed that even in your sad posts you have a bit of humour . ( refrace to LOL) .

        Have yourself a good day 😉

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        lovewithdiamonds on #6265

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        maestro on #6266

        You shouldn’t care about the age of your friends too much, it’s not a negative sign that people who could be your nieces hang around you so much, it just shows you’re a fun person to hang out with.

        Aside from that, it’s my very plan to be surrounded by girls that could be my nieces when half of my life is behind me, so what’s the deal? 😉

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        sunrava on #6267

        Alright IO, whats this crap? I know you dont think like this normally, if people are thinking you are family to some of your friends perhaps it is you giving off that vibe. One of a teacher, I used to have the same problem, why do you think I have such a large family. I figured sure why not, I treat them like family dont I? Buck up lass, as LWD said, yeah its half over, but its not totally over. Give the rest of it one hell of a fight. I am already on my last chance so I know how you feel. In the words of a great man, Never let the bastards get you down.

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        insidedistuo on #6268

        Wow… Thanks for all the nice comments guys….
        I am really lucky to have such great people in my life… 😛
        and it means a lot … 😉


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