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    lovewithdiamonds on #806

    In keeping with the movie theme….let’s play a little game – called Vag Land….I got sent this as an email – and just wanted to share….

    Okay y’all…. this should be a blast… lets see how many people we can get to play… The name of the game says it all…. all you have to do is copy this bulletin into a new one. Take the name of a movie and replace one of the words with VAGINA. Don’t forget to put your name on it – then we can all see how perverted our friends are. NO REPEATS!!!

    Shane- How Stella Got Her Vagina Back
    Luke- Vagina Dynamite
    Ramona – Seven Vaginas in Tibet
    Shawna- vagina crashers
    Jay ~ Bad Vagina
    Beth~ Don’t Tell Mom The Vagina’s Dead
    Ben~Cheech & Chong: Up in Vagina
    Eric~A Beautiful Vagina
    Brooke-Edward Vaginahands
    Logan- Dude, Where’s My Vagina?
    Rebecca- 4 Weddings and a Vagina
    Marke- The Sweetest Vagina
    Gary – Vaginas on a Plane
    Dave – Wet Hot American Vagina
    Katie – Monty Python and the Holy Vagina
    Clif – Close Enconters of the Third Vagina
    Sarah – The NeverEnding Vagina
    Amber- Vagina Hell
    DiAngelo- the man that went up a hill and came down a Vagina
    Ranta- Bill and Ted’s Excellent Vagina
    David-Attack of the Killer Vaginas.
    John- Harry Vagina and the Chamber of Secrets
    Eileen-The Vaginawarmers
    Melissa – Adventures of Shark Vagina and Lava Girl in 3-D
    Nathan – Raging Vagina
    ~Stephi~ Pirates of the Vagina
    Jen – The Virgin Vaginas
    ED! — The Vagina of Oz
    Bryan – Charlie and the Chocolate Vagina
    Brandon- Fried Green Vaginas
    Gabriel – Steel Vaginas
    Matt – The House of Flying Vaginas
    Shannon- Buffy the Vagina Slayer.
    Stanarchy – Indians Jones and the Radiers of the Lost Vagina.
    Amanda- Not Another Teen Vagina
    CassTASTROPHY~Children Shouldn’t Play With Dead Vaginas
    Andy ~ How to Eat Fried Vaginas
    Whitney – Grumpy Old Vaginas
    Austin – Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost
    Will – Leprechaun in the Vagina
    matter – 3 men and a little vagina
    Anna – Dr Stangelove: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Vagina
    Paul- I Heart Vaginas
    Tatten- Schindler’s vagina
    Annie-Some kind of Vagina
    Jesse – Fistful of Vaginas
    Kirsten G!!- Parentvagina
    Max- The Constant Vagina
    danika- the sisterhood of the traveling vagina
    qoratia – a series of unfortunate vaginas
    LoveWithDiamonds- Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Vaginas

    maestro on #6206

    Top Vagina
    Crimson Vagina ( 😕 )
    Hunt for Red Vagina ( 😥 )
    Vagina Now
    Full Metal Vagina
    Good Morning Vagina
    Fire Vagina (Wings or the Vagina)
    Into the Vagina

    The Fast and the Furious – Tokyo Vagina
    Mad Vagina – Beyond the Thunderdome

    lovewithdiamonds on #6207

    The Glass Vagina
    Sorority Vaginas
    Scary Vagina III
    Jay and Silent Vagina Strike Back
    Chasing Vagina
    What Vaginas Really Want
    The Vaginas of New York
    Batman and Vagina

    i can go on all day….lol…. 😆

    thesunsetter on #6208

    The Vagina :D…

    lovewithdiamonds on #6209


    nice and simple…

    maestro on #6210

    Not to forget the alltime war classic Das Vagina

    lovewithdiamonds on #6211

    if we’re talknig war classics…let’s not forget Saving Private Vagina

    insidedistuo on #6212

    Ok, here are a few that came to my mind…

    Nightmare before vagina
    3000 miles to vagina
    Leauge of extrodinay vagina
    Trapped in vagina
    Enemy of the vagina
    Brotherhood of the vagina
    The 5th vagina
    V for vagina
    Battlefield vagina
    Rocky horror vagina show 😈
    Gone with the vagina
    Snow white and the 7 vagina 😕 isnt that a porn movie?? lol

    ok, ill stop there.. this is a great post LWD…. 😀

    maestro on #6213

    @insidedistuo wrote:

    Snow white and the 7 vaginas 😕 isnt that a porn movie??

    With a coloured dude called snow white and 7 asian lesbian midgets?
    Yeah, i remember that one

    lovewithdiamonds on #6214


    here’s some more – having a lot of fun with this game
    Legally Vagina
    Sweet Home Vagina
    Silence of the Vaginas
    The Vagina Room
    Fear and Loathing in Las Vagina
    What’s Eating Gilbert Vagina?
    The Vagina Effect
    About A Vagina
    Vagina Actually
    Vagina Squarepants
    Over the Vagina
    The Flight of the Vagina
    The President’s Vagina
    Vagina City

    lol…i just cant seem to stop….

    necromancerza on #6215

    3 Men and a Vagina
    King Vagina
    Raiders of the lost Vagina
    Basic Vagina
    48 Vagina
    Another 48 Vagina
    Starship Vagina
    Queen of the Vagina
    Not another Vagina movie
    Forrest Vagina .. hmmm My momma allways said life is like a box of Vagina ?

    lovewithdiamonds on #6216

    Tank Vagina
    Pirates of the Vagina
    The Secret Vagina
    My Best Friend’s Vagin
    American Vaginas
    The Vagina Boy
    Vagina Story
    Back to the Vagina
    Men in Vaginas
    50 First Vaginas
    Happy Vagina
    Ace Ventura Pet Vagina
    The Man Who Sued Vagina
    Vagina Park
    Legally Vagina
    The Hitchiker’s Guide to the Vagina
    I Know What You Did Last Vagina

    maestro on #6217

    I can’t see how we could forget Interview with a Vagina

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Vaginas
    Missing in Vagina
    Three Vaginas for Charlie
    Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Vagina
    Miami Vagina

    and upcoming:
    World Vagina Center
    The last Vagina of Scotland

    lovewithdiamonds on #6218

    Dawn of the Vagina
    Attack of the 50ft Vagina
    Gentlemen Prefer Vaginas
    Vagina Wars
    Without A Vagina
    The Blair Witch Vagina
    Catch Vagina If You Can
    Idle Vaginas
    Buying the Vagina
    Clockword Vagina
    Captain Correlli’s Vagina
    Dude Where’s My Vagina?
    A Life Less Vagina
    The Lion, the Witch and the Vagina
    Vagina in the Water
    A Low Down Dirty Vagina

    coldblood on #6219

    Vagina Wars
    A new Vagina
    The Vagina Strikes Back
    Return of the Vagina
    Lord of the Vagina
    Pink Vagina
    Young Vagina
    A Beautiful Vagina
    Vagina Noon
    Blazing Vaginas
    Phantom of the Vagina
    Starship Vaginas
    Replacement Vaginas
    The Name of the Vagina
    Interview with a Vagina
    Vagina of the Damned
    Meet the Vaginas
    The Last Vagina
    Vagina at the gates

    maestro on #6220

    Natural Born Vaginas
    Star Wars -The Phantom Vagina
    Dirty Vagina
    Reservoir Vaginas
    The Unvaginables
    Vaginaman Returns
    Vagina till Dawn

    Vagina from Atlantis
    The Six Million Dollar Vagina

    lovewithdiamonds on #6221

    A Goofy Vagina
    A Guy Vagina
    Garden of Vagina
    A Self Made Vagina
    A Time For Drunken Vaginas
    Vafina Been Kissed

    sunrava on #6222

    Monty Python and the Quest for the Holy Vagina
    Vagina of Brian
    And now for something completely Vagina
    28 Vaginas
    The Vagina
    Vagina Master
    Drunken Vagina
    Vagina Watch
    Night Vagina
    Babes in Vaginaland
    The Sound of Vagina
    My Fair Vagina
    The Vagina Falcon
    The Maltese Vagina
    XXX: State of the Vagina

    Okay movies done now for Games:
    Warcraft 2: Tides of Vagina
    Diablo 2: Lord of Vagina

    lovewithdiamonds on #6223

    We’ve had a change of category in Vag Land….so let’s move on to ‘Games’

    Vagina: The Gathering
    Grand Theft Vagina
    Castle of the Vagina
    Vaginas and Dragons

    necromancerza on #6224

    Did anyone mention :
    There are snakes on the Vagina
    Romeo and Vagine
    Canibal Vagina
    MIV – Men In Vagina
    Clear and present Vagina.
    Vagina`s in 60 seconds
    Jason vs Vagina
    My left vagina
    Sex lies and vagina
    Vagina`s of darkness
    Dude .. where`s my Vagina?

    lovewithdiamonds on #6225

    I’m pretty sure I mentioned ‘Dude Where’s My Vagina’…because i remember having a good giggle over that one….

    necromancerza on #6226

    Fine then …
    Dude .. Vagina my car ❓

    lovewithdiamonds on #6227

    Vagina, Where’s My Car? ❓ ❗ :roll:

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