‘In the possesion of fire’- sequal to ‘romance with fire’

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    miyoko on #554

    In the Possession of Fire

    The Fire, it has engulfed me,
    In the flickering of its Flames.
    Still, they caress me,
    Calling from the depths of my core, a moan.
    I moan in ecstasy,
    As my breasts, stomach, neck and thighs
    Are stroked with silken fingers.
    My eyes close slowly
    And I tip back my head,
    Savoring the pleasure of the Flames.
    I am completely in possession of the Fire,
    Willing to do anything to feed its heat.
    O, how the flames caress me,
    Exploring every inch of my nudity!
    They cast a warm glow over my fair skin,
    And cause a gentle sheen of sweat to bead up.
    The Flames run up my legs and between my thighs,
    Their fingers stroking me softly.
    A moan escapes my lips as my desire increases.
    I want more. Much more.
    My legs weaken as the Fire provokes moisture
    In places that have never been moist before.
    I want to Flames to completely take me.
    They oblige my wishes and pleasure me,
    Flickering inside of me and out.
    I am moaning now, begging them to stop,
    When truly I want them to take me.
    The Flames know my true desires and give them to me,
    Pleasuring me to my very core.
    My body thrills at the touch of those silken fingers,
    As they call from me a cry of pleasure.
    My hair falls around me in a shimmering pool,
    Heated and tossed by the Fire.
    A strange feeling comes over me
    As I give in to my possessor.
    The Fire, O! O! how it feels!
    The Flames have made me moist,
    Then used that moistness to their advantage.
    Still, they carress me,
    Enjoying my delighted agony.
    I desire the Flames, and they play with me,
    Both loving me and toying with my desire.
    O! So long, so long my desire grew!
    My nipples hardened as they were warmed,
    And my Dark Place moistened with each touch.
    The Flames engulfed me once more,
    Causing me to cry out in pleasure.
    I am moaning now, uncontrollable screaming.
    I beg the Flames to take me, and they oblige,
    Completely engulfing me, inside and out.
    With a final moan, I become a possession,
    Under the power of my possessor-
    The Fire.

    The Dark Lady

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