Dark and misunderstood poetry from the heart…

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    succubus_nahemah on #913

    Anything that is red are together but indigo are separate, I wish to know which one you thought were the darknest, what you thought it meant and the one you liked…

    This is a war that never seems to end.
    Learning that’s not all it seems, only knowing it’s nothing but hell.
    Hope is dead and so I’m I, inside I bleed.
    Through the rain I walk, uncertain and afraid…
    I’m falling, swallowed by the darkness.
    Not knowing what’s real, only pain lies within and I plunder
    into the shadows.
    This is the loneness that I bare, anger has always been there!
    No use for tears, I chase death with a knife.

    MOOD: Stranger to this world.

    MUSIC: One – Metallica [/color][/color]

    So broken up inside, the bruises never leave.
    Keeping the wolves from the door, the walls close
    in and darkness falls.
    I call out but nobody hears, am I alone?
    Does anyone care, I thought not!
    The shadow creeps through the cracks, I close my
    eyes and wait…
    An eerie thought passes my mind, maybe I’m not alone
    after all?
    My comfort lies in you, my sweet darkness…

    MOOD: Empty…
    MUSIC: Punch me, I bleed – Children of Bodom


    Feeling right at home, to the darkness that has
    swallowed me whole.
    No light to where I’m going, black heart of sorrow.
    Anger deep inside, secrets that I hide…
    Black wings of despair, night falls and death calls.

    MOOD: Suffocated!
    MUSIC: Heretic Song – Slipknot


    Looking back at all the memories we had,
    now burn in flames of disregard.
    Mama why leave me, your tender and lost kiss I feel
    upon your lips.
    A letter left by you, your final goodbye with that
    another man you hide…
    Anger that I feel father, on your fists.
    Put me in your corner, tears and blood down my face.
    Your burning eyes seeing right through me, with that
    veiled smile…
    Your cold hands of filth slither up my skirt,
    that snake you thrust that hurts…
    Are you satisfied? Rape me father, to the daughter
    you never knew…

    I feel something grow, that sickening feeling I don’t
    want to know…

    MOOD: Lost within Myself…
    MUSIC: Obscure – Dir en Grey

    Don’t take her doctor, the only thing that I have…
    Father’s dead, blood on me.
    Baby cries echoing the sanatoriums’ walls.
    Mummy screaming, an eerie sound across the screen.
    Mother are you there, an incest rape affair.
    Mummy I see you react out.
    Not your fault mummy, but why kill me?
    Sheets of red, broke glass to incise to kill you father…
    I guess there was no hope for me, I see you there
    mummy smiling down at me.

    MOOD: Locked…
    MUSIC: The Final – Dir en grey


    My head is ticking for so many questions, yet my body just yarns for more…
    Blood on the floor, hungry and the thought of you just screams to my sores.
    Touch me, come on! Are you hurt, I’m I over my head?
    I play deadly doctor as you bleed on with the sheets, my fingers run through you. Your body is ever so cold, drunken by my own foolishness but I don’t care. The more of you, can deafen there call.
    You taste good, infatuating with death…

    Mood: Sadistic and in the mood. *wink wink*
    Music: Come on Come on – Little Birdy


    I feel your hands all over me, like your intentions forseen.
    On your shelf in second prize, you striped everything but my pride!
    You lied to me, maniplating me.
    Chaos you created, you are own demon of your own demise.
    Watching my every step, waiting for me to slip.
    Running, I’ll grab your feet and make them touch the ground.
    Old dog with new tricks, getting sick of your shit.
    Just using for those dirty things we do, Karma closing down
    on you.
    Backstabbing behind a computer screen, bitching, falsifying the scene.
    Not good what your hearing, your ego is brusing.

    Mood : Going through hell and still going…
    Music: Call me when you’re Sober – Evanescence.

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