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    necromancerza on #749

    Seeing that there are more and more people using the chatroom I decided to add a little spice. 😈
    This is the section where you can plan meetings and pass a little gossip for all to see 😉
    All relating to the chatroom ofcourse……. 😛

    nickname on #5901

    SWEET! lol. Im always using that damn thing. Thanks! =)

    insidedistuo on #5902

    Nec posts this ……. and you can hear tumbleweeds blowing through the chat room.. LOL 😛
    He scared everyone off … people worried about secrets being told I guess…. lmao..
    IO * looks around innocently… 😯

    robc666 on #5903

    Maybe it’s just me, but i can never find anyone on there. Perhaps i smell?
    *Sniffs armpit* Yep, i smell.

    maestro on #5904

    regular chat times anyone?

    we all hail from different timezones, so it might need some coordination actually

    necromancerza on #5905

    The lonely ones have requested that Sexbat make her appearance in the jacuzzi again.

    maestro on #5906

    i thought she’d still do that

    necromancerza on #5907

    No, we actually have no available bots.
    Think they got lost in cyberspace when we had our last downtime. 🙁

    maestro on #5908


    thesunsetter on #5909

    I miss Elizra (spelling?) she was great, used to talk about IO all the time haha…

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