Reply To: How do you like it, baby?

mybloodymartianluv on #4755

Yeah ! Now this is what I call an inspiring theme. Violently shagging, is a wonderful
way of putting it. And yes, having someone tell me they want to “make love” , without having already established a pretty hardcore sex relationship, makes me want to puke.
I will only accept it, if it comes from someone who’s feelings are undeniably
“delicious” to begin with. Love the word fuck. Yes, pain is very nice, no pleasure
without it. There can be no tenderness without “tenderizing” the meat first.
I am a kisser, however. Love to be able to kiss and shove my tongue down the others
throat while at it. And get the other persons tongue shoved into mine.
I can dominate and “tenderize”, but I am a sub. Love to be overtaken.
O.K., so my avatar is a guy, and I’m not. I took it because my hair does look like
it belongs in japanese animation. Has it’s own mind. Mmmm,being held down
by ones hair, unless I have a migraine, it is gooood ! 😈