Reply To: Missing Posts

maestro on #3107

I’ll give you a clue … it wasn’t me 😉

Same here for me .. Maestro however was getting a PHP/MySQL error and assumed we all were.

What it does highlight though, is that while M wants the site to be a nice big community, there’s just no contingency or management currently. That IS changing .. he’s taken on an admin and hopefully once this has been sorted something can be worked out so that someone other than him has access to DB and backups .. but that’s all dull techie stuff.

Point is … carry on as normal 😉

this weekend I should have some content for the site… I’m desperately trying to find some gothic/vamp news feeds that I can rumage through but most don’t seem to be updated with any regularity.. if anyone knows of any, shout out.

I’ll also be throwing up the movie reviews . Have since watched Farenheit 911 and Stepford Wives (the remake) . So lots of reviews to write.

Any ideas or suggestions on stuff for the site (beyond : “stop deleteing the database, morons”) will be greatly appreciated from all, n00bs and vets alike .. so please, do contribute.

I’m now off to enjoy a chocolate over-dose.