The Guild – Do You Wanna Date My Avatar


I meant to post this!
Really! But sometimes i get the leprechaunish urge to keep all the shiny loot for myself and have you little drooglings stand out in the rain for never commenting on anything lately.

Anyway, here is, to the finest audience of the internets: THE GUILD with Do You Want To Date My Avatar


I know that their vile inclusion of the purple-clad asian at 0:25 totally diverted your attention from the protagonist. And it’s good, because the redhead is mine. That’s right, the redhead belongs to your king! Bring me the redhead!

In fact it shouldn’t be too hard to find her, she’s Felicia Day. Wired just wrote a story about her and she’s got her own publishing empire at which you absolutely have to check out

Now swarm! Mwaaahahahahaha! 😆



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